Here is a drawing I made a long time ago, and later scanned into a computer:

In steps numbered 1-10, the sequence of development has been depicted. There is nothing we know as a single piece of information that “proves” the sequence true but, assembled from many pieces that have, one way or another, been verified, we can understand the sketch does tend toward factual verisimilitude. Each of those sequential steps represents a timeline of unknown duration. They have been presented in their order of development, even though we have no reason to think they all developed at the same time. We have, in fact, more reason to think of this entire scenario as describing a still ongoing process. There should still be invisible matter in the universe that, being one- and two-dimensional, exists in a huge amount that we may be able to detect but not easily explain.

Think about that. Research it for yourself. I may be completely wrong about all of this, and am posting it here to discover why. The sequential steps must be understood to flow from left to right to show an unspecified duration of time, called a continuum. Sequence 1 shows raw time flowing as a single dimension. The second sequence, next down, shows    time as “bent” to form a wave, so that now two dimensions are required to completely measure it. Sequence 2b shows what is most notable about our natural universe, its tendency for replication, as early on as the mirroring of the first string by the second.

Visible existence, although on a scale not seeable by the naked eye, begins at sequence 3 when gathering strings begin to form a matrix. At or near this point, strings may be described as helixes by forming coiled structures, and so become three-dimensional in themselves. Although identified as a particle on the graphic, the action of the helixes may be like waves in that they oscillate but do not necessarily travel.

Identified as “Particle [or wave] Plus Time,” Sequence 4 shows the beginning of a fully developed Microverse that sets a pattern for all that is yet to come. The three dimensional submicroscopic realm now exists, and time still goes on for so long as everything does not become frozen in place. In Sequence 5, identified as “Particle + String”, the presence of matter bends the string into a two-dimensional warp labeled “five dimensional time”.

Sequence 6 shows the conjoining (particles or waves) begin to develop material at the level, in the midst of all that exists, that is accessible to our perceptions. Nothing is different at this level than at the start of it all, except that, as the process went on, there was more of it due to the tendency to replicate. It formed into a matrix that, as gravity became involved due to the presence of matter, collapsed into a huge ball that began collecting the forming strings from the surrounding space until it imploded due to the massive force induced by the gravity of its own weight. Known as “The Big Bang”, the result of that filled the surrounding space with all the variety of materials that had developed in the pressure cooker provided by the original black hole as it blew itself apart.

Still, even now, nothing is really different from the very beginning. Micro particles still circle nuclei as they go through time, their continua still forming helixes. Identified as “particle plus particle plus time”, Sequence 7 represents the seventh dimension as particles enclosed within an envelope of time which, in sequence 8, bends to form the eighth dimension. I would like to point out, now, that these dimensional designations are not arbitrary, as some choose to think, but are a way of representing how the scale changes as we move from one stage of development to the next. For a simple example, think of the various measurements required to construct a building. One set of measurements would apply to the spaces within it. For simplicity’s sake, let the rooms be all the same size, and each floor identical. A second set of dimensions would be for features on the outside, and require a different drawing. By that, we can understand that the microverse would require designations separate from the macroverse that we can see as our immediate surroundings, which would require still different designations than the universe we see as distant from our location, and enclosing the space we occupy just the same as the building encloses the spaces within it. The building’s dimensions from the bottom up, using the schema we are following, would be displayed as Foundation: 1__ Spaces: 2__3__ 4__ Wall: 5__ External: 6__7__8__ and we have arrived at the level to which we now return to measuring the universe.

Sequence 9 tells us the time envelope bends to earn the three dimensional reality we perceive with our senses. Think of our Earth circling the sun, the sun circling our galaxy every 226million years, our galaxy circling the universe, drawing a picture of something so slowly we will never get to see what it is. Compare that to the billions of high speed tiny bodies whirling around inside ourselves, so fast we think of ourselves as solid (kinda) chunks of matter, as is also true of most things we see around us. Nine dimensional time, says Sequence 9, is three dimensional reality. To keep from freezing in place, an envelope of time encloses our Macro realm and all that we perceive, the tenth dimension of String Theory. Beyond that are the three dimensions that describe a probable multiverse, plus the time envelope that would keep it running, the fourteen dimensions of Matrix Theory.

To get a grasp on how all of that functions, think of time as a kind of force, and strings as waste due to inevitable inefficiency. That we, and everything we see, are made of cast off junk explains why existence is such a screwed up mess. And you want to blame that on somebody named God?