Feeblemindedness: “Our Feeble human minds are too weak to comprehend God” How do those who attempt to discredit their opponents with this argument avoid noticing how their own minds must be included in the category ‘human’, and that their feeble reliance on unsigned documentation is more open to question than any reliance on results produced by hands-on involvement?

A great example is provided by a Pastor Hagee as he referenced the staple ‘War on Xmas’ bone at http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/hagee-people-who-dont-hearing-merry-christmas-should-leave-country or http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/12/26/pastor-john-hagee-to-atheists-gladly-accept-my-christmas-tidings-or-leave-the-country/ or http://aattp.org/john-hagee-to-atheists-accept-america-as-a-christian-nation-or-leave/, in a recorded sermon that now is spreading across the Internet.

The man offers a list of unsupportable claims that read more like wishful thinking than anything sharing a neighborhood with facts, such as that the USA was founded by Christians (It was founded by people escaping religious oppression who had noteworthy problems avoiding what of it they brought with them); that voting in the USA was based on majority rule (although modern media parades the democracy concept, and politicians follow suit, the United States is a republic with a representative government designed to prevent mob rule); and, of course, the plaintive cry about a “War on Christ-mas” he blames on atheists but that only folks such as he seem to have going on.

Such feeblemindedness gets shared by several individuals other than preacher Hagee, such as Pat Robertson, who have gained their notoriety by taking advantage of this way of gaining easy publicity while feeling safe from a high potential of discredit with an audience too busy trying to stay alive to have much time or means to do a heavy load of facts-checking. Beyond that, such audiences are typically trained almost from birth to rely on their creed leaders as the last word in authoritative truth, and to have faith when doubt creeps in. To add to a miserable situation, a long list of politicians have taken advantage of an almost built-in ability to twist truth to make their agendas appear to mesh with religious beliefs. Combine hungry preachers with willing liars and you will hear of Jesus backing Satan with messages not found in any holy book.

It must be inevitable that great societies fall into decline after reaching a pinnacle. Some get taken over by conquerors from other lands, and that may, in part, be what is happening to the land that calls itself “America”, as though no other Americans exist on these two continents. Oh… That’s right… We are the United States of… Does that really justify it? Apparently so, as long as all the other lands sharing these continents remain complicit. Grandfathered rights and all that.

Okay, so, this is America and it is slowly being sold out from under its citizens and getting conquered with shekels and yen rather than bullets and arrows. We stay armed to the teeth and for sale. Our leaders spy on us and lie to us. We get paid with money we’d better spend quickly before it loses all its value. Our stores are filled with merchandise from other lands and their managers are crying because nobody can wrestle any cash away from the greedy hands of the top 1%, whose billions are only worth what millions used to be.

So, we all get distracted by false news about a mythical “War on Christmas” that fills the gaps between other lies and misinformation. We, the citizens of the USA are not so feebleminded as preacher Hagee and his company proclaim. The War on Christmas is not a war with guns and bullets. It’s a one-sided war of words, named after the day that it happens on.