This is great! All I would add to it is the need to maintain balance–what Epicurus called ataraxia and eudemonia.

Hedonism Now

According to Dr. Google, Hedonism is “the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence.” The foundational principle of Hedonism is that the highest purpose of life is to experience pleasure in the inconceivable sundry of its manifestations. Hedonism values happiness, fulfillment, and all things joyous as the most important pursuit of life. Since the Anglo-Saxon sentiment which condemns pleasure without pain or guilt as “sinful,” hedonism is a very taboo and misunderstood word that is associated with debauchery and self-indulgence without regard for well-being of others. The cultural imagination has loaded the term as one of irresponsibility, immaturity, recklessness and amorality. This paradigmatic conception of hedonism leads to the popular perception that hedonism must be inherent to sociopathy and sociopathy being intertwined with hedonism. How can one pursue a life of personal pleasure without granting consideration to the needs and desires of others?

This is where ethicality comes in. According to Dr…

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