…an unusual, perceptive view expressed with candor and moxy, in my less than humble opinion.


Over at Allallt on Religion they have a post discussing the question:

Ryan J McGinnis  wanted to Ask an Atheist whether it is more audacious to claim that there is no God than it is to claim that there is a God.

A very interesting post. I commented there but thought I’d share my thoughts here as well.

I don’t see many folk cover the better questions. Despite one stance or both being audacious both of them skip over the question: can a god exist? Is it possible for a god to exist? What evidence do we have that gods can exist? Not this god or that god, not the Christian god or the Muslim god… but any god. What are gods? Can such beings exist?

In trying to find the answers to these and other questions I find that there is no audacity in the claims of atheism, or…

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