Here is an idea about existence that you will find only here for a long, long time. It’s a simple description of the nature of Nature with complicated consequences. It’s about how reality is put together to generate nature within the space-time continuum. Strange words, right? Do I have verification? No. Do I have reason to continue thinking this way about how material existence could arise out of supposed nothing? Yes. Call it my godless religion, if you want a name for it.

It’s all about how, from the bottom up, events combine into processes, layer by layer, from the tiniest particles to build into the entirety of this universe we all inhabit. Although events and processes may be all that truly exists, reality is no illusion. Reality is a construction, and we understand it that way if we understand it at all.

Whether or not the page referenced in the first link proves accurate, reality resulted from a combination of processes so complex the most pertinent label for it may be ‘chaos’. Still, the basic description of all that chaos, while not so simple as “God did it,” retains its own picturesque elegance both despite, and because of, a glaring fact: nobody was there to observe the first events. I was not there. No scientists were present. No preachers or priests stood up as witnesses. No one is an authority. All we have are hypotheses, and my opinions are as valid as the rest. When it comes to knowing what happened before the Big Bang, nobody has papers. Bluster doesn’t count. I have a right to present this. You have a right to think of it as poop. Take another look. You can’t digest that? Click the links, read the pages, observe the controversy. You may feel an impulse to push it aside. Don’t. It goes to the heart of some basic beliefs and it, or something very akin to it, will inevitably, eventually become a hot topic. Prepare yourself, whether pro or con, so you will have at least a vague idea what it’s all about.

Single-dimensional objects such as the original strings and, perhaps the mysterious “dark matter” that fills space, will remain invisible to all our senses. They will necessarily have mass—so little they will float around in empty space as though blown by strong winds—but no volume. A one-dimensional object will have only length but no width or thickness. To our senses it will be nonexistent. Only time, to our knowledge, answers to such a description. I will assert that only space and time have permanent, continuous existence—space as an infinite nothing, and time as an infinite measure of duration.

Give that statement some hard thought, and answer this question: If nothing has a beginning, what filled the infinite void before nothing occupied it—a different kind of nothing? Many descriptions of pre-space space lead to an idea that the void—the empty wall-less infinite cavern—had shrunk like a minuscule prune before space swelled it up like a balloon… What? The god named God made Mother Nature pregnant? Sorry, I don’t go to that church.

Let’s just say pre-Big Bang space was, for all our purposes and to the limit of our knowledge, infinite and empty. We will go with what makes sense until facts and evidence calls for revisions. Whether it happened in an instant or still occurs after more or less 15billion years, the ongoing expansion of the Universe is a process called accretion, which means growth. Events combine into processes the same as in the baking of a cake or the boiling of water. It occurs in nature because it can, and where it can, it will. A human being attempting to bake a cake is a natural event. If circumstances allow it, the cake will catch fire and burn because it can. The forming of a planet is a natural event. If circumstances allow it, creatures may develop on its surface because they can, and do all kinds of damage to it. Some of them may give the planet a fever, because they can, and in the processes they introduced to it, cause it to eradicate them like the disease they have become.

As I conceive it, something happened in the pre-Big Bang void that began the process that resulted in the still ongoing, still accelerating accretion of the Universe. Nothing, and the single dimensional phenomenon called time, were the only things present. Did some accident occur that caused a strand of time to break into pieces? Could that have been the very first process ever? Is Dark Matter tiny pieces of one-dimensional time scattered among the galaxies and stars? Will some brave soul someday figure out how to answer those questions and set science onto a new investigatory path? I predict one will risk being deemed a crazy heretic to do just that.


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