MY CONSERVATIVE FRIEND, I feel glad that you still love me, but I am not a liberal, so don’t call me that. As I see it, a liberal Imagethrows money at a problem and then abandons it. A conservative throws rocks at a problem and then abandons it after he finds out he aimed at the wrong target. Don’t call me a ‘Commie’, either. I know Christians practiced Communism in the book of Acts, and I avoid it for the same reasons you do. Watching modern conservatives will soon educate the  astute person on why I also abandoned right-wing politics. I have self-respect. I do not need the respect of blatant criminals nor their spokespeople. I don’t want it. To gain the respect of thieves would inform me I had done something very wrong. I am not calling you a thief. I am referring to those who went out of their way to dupe you with malicious intent, to misinform by the efforts of an army of carefully prepared minions trained to work in sync so their message seems verified by each other’s scripts and voices. I have no respect for those who arrogantly corrupt our political processes and dupe good citizens into aiding and abetting their crimes.

Now, you being a good Christian must have a searchable Bible on your computer. At your age, most likely a KJV. Look what it says about ‘liberal’ and see who it calls a ‘churl’. I found two verses without trying too hard, one at Proverbs 11:25, the other at Isaiah 32:5. Take a look at them in their context and make sure they mean what they say. I remember being fooled by conniving people plenty of times as a younger person, and quite recently, in fact, when I passed on a graphic from somebody I trusted. He, apparently, didn’t check it out, and neither did I.

I looked up ‘churl’ to be sure I had it right. From Merriam-Webster: “4 a: a rude ill-bred person b: a stingy morose person.” I know that is not you, my friend, and I sympathize with your sentiments, but there are more than two sides to any issue, though early training taught us only to look for either/or. We were set up in early youth to become amenable to such political conditions as we are drowning in right now. A two party system wherein parties 3, 4, 5, 6 die for lack of attention and funds to buy promotion. Ask yourself: Why are such funds necessary? We were taught to regard each other as foes, but we are not. When they sink the ship of state, we’ll be equally thrown under the bow.

Those hard at work corrupting American values right now know how to work emotions to get people’s brains to shut down. Neither you nor I will ever have their respect, want it or not, work hard to earn it or not.

Picture this: You and I are sitting in a rowboat, far from shore. You are on the right, and I am on the left. There is only one legal side to this boat. What the corrupters want is for us to work our oars exactly alike. PICTURE THAT: Your oar comes across the middle of the boat to take a swipe at me, just like they instructed. We can’t work together because your side of the boat has its orders: Do Not Cooperate! Do not listen to the evil man. He will tempt you as Satan tempted Eve. The aim is for both of us to get lost at sea with no way home. Both of us, do you hear me?

This ought to be rated of highest importance. Pull your oar according to the boat’s actual design, not according to a political mantra. Learn to really think for yourself: Stay skeptical. Question everything, no matter who said it. Whatever you eventually discover, try to prove it wrong. Make yourself able to defend any answer to each important question. Learn to swim and, for Pete’s sake, keep your oar out of the boat. If we go down we will not be alone. We will drown together.Image


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