—the basis of Practical Gaian Hedonism

by Lloyd Harrison Whitling

Question: This philosophy, hedonism, sounds like something too dangerous to be practiced around children. What do you say about that?

Without an understanding of it, anything stays dangerous to all involved. Buried under centuries of misinformation  and indoctrinated avoidance of knowledge, the danger becomes a plague. That makes hedonism no different from anything else that, correctly understood and applied, proves important to all of humanity and, above all else, to the world we live in.

Children stand to benefit most from widespread practice of well-developed Gaian hedonism in the form I have named Equatarianism.

Question My dictionary, and my preacher, tell me that hedonism is the self-centered pursuit of pleasure. How can you argue against that?

I can imagine those sources gained great pleasure from misinforming you like that, and commercial interests gain great wealth by taking advantage of the widespread ignorance that such misinformation instills in those who become duped by it. While what they say may be true of commercial hedonism, ethical forms of hedonism can expect to gain little recognition  and acknowledgement in a commercial society.



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