July 2014

I found great advice in this post that deserves reading by as many people as get to see it. Therefore, whatever aid sharing it gives, let it spread like wind-blown wildfire on desert grass.

Enquiries on Atheism

It seems to me that belief is not necessary when one “knows” something, that belief is the acceptance of something without evidence or proof. One waggish definition of belief is “pretending to know things you do not know.” For me, it comes down to the question “Why”? If you think the Moon is made of green cheese, I would like to know why you believe that. If you have no credible evidence or proof, then I classify what you have just claimed as a belief (actually a “false belief,” a belief that is demonstrably untrue), rather than knowledge. And I don’t expect to find such beliefs in an encyclopedia, for example, I expect those to be limited to containing generally accepted knowledge.

There is a great deal of knowledge, for these purposes scientific knowledge, that I have that is far from first hand, that is I didn’t acquire it myself…

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Systemic Causation and Syria: Obama’s Framing Problem.  George Lakoff gives us a short lesson in linguistics and explains why some processes are hard to understand.

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