Classical Liberalism and Modern Life

The poster child for Classical Liberalism is British philosopher John Stuart Mill, a man credited with voicing the mighty Western world’s thoughts and feelings on morality.  For John Stuart Mill, the essence of morality is pleasure.  Not the nasty, brutish, animalistic pleasures of the simple mind, of course.  While these kinds of pleasures are fine and good, the more sophisticated, culturally broad, intellectually elevated pleasures are his ideal end.  For Mill, they are the correct thing to pursue.   For Mill, the drive to be pleased is so fundamental that it becomes almost mathematical.  The sum total of my pleasures minus the sum total of my pains equals my total happiness, my total correctness. This hedonistic view permeates his entire worldview, encompassing nearly all the facets of human existence.  The underlying grounding for this ultimate apology for self-indulgence is his love of personal freedom.  Nothing should…

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