October 2014

This post from thegreatagnostic.wordpress.com spells out ethical hedonism in a most concise way.

Robert Green Ingersoll

I can tell you, no trouble about that.

Every man has the capacity to enjoy and the capacity to suffer – every man. Whenever a man enjoys himself he calls that good; whenever he suffers he calls that bad. The animals that are useful to him he calls good; the poisonous, the hurtful, he calls bad. The vegetables that he can eat and use he calls good; those that are of no use except to choke the growth of the good ones, he calls bad. When the sun shines, when everything in nature is out that ministers to him, he says “this is good;” when the storm comes and blows down his hut, when the frost comes and lays down his crop, he says “this is bad.” And all phenomena that affect men well he calls good; all that affect him ill he calls bad.

Now, then, the foundation of…

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