An excellent statement that deserves a wide audience and as a reference regarding toxic behavior.

Roll to Disbelieve

Regarding “toxic Christians,” I realized I’ve been using that term for a while now and I don’t think we’ve talked about what I mean when I say it.

To me, when something is toxic, it is harmful to be around. A toxic thing poisons and infects whatever it touches, killing life and destroying good things. It spreads like a sickness and must be fought, must be contained. And I see this toxicity in a big part of Christianity and other religions today.

I know there are lots of people who are decent and good in this world. Some of them subscribe to one of the many religions humankind’s devised, with some of those choosing Christianity as their religion. Being Christian has nothing whatsoever to do with being decent and good, just as being decent and good has nothing whatsoever to do with being Christian. There are decent and good Muslims…

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