Understanding Theism

It may help, in discussions with theists, to understand the legal system involved in their ideology, and how and why it differs from the secular system found in the United States. Not comprehending this portends a dangerous time, considering Christian designs against America’s secular government, and may explain at least a portion of their illicit drive to “restore America to a Christian nation” and revise the Constitution to accord with that desire. Islam differs from Christianity only in the details that follow.

A foreboding preview of what that entails may be hidden behind the stance taken by apologists who argue for the Christian view of onus regarding burden of proof about the existence of a god named God. The authoritarian patriarchal stance taken by this religion is typical of monotheism:

  • A monarchy pattern of governance (even where non-monarchy, totalitarianism prevails).
  • A god named God gets touted as the “King of kings”.
  • The King, or his representatives, are the source of all edicts and laws.
  • Non-democracy: You have no voice or vote. God and his representatives are the “deciders”.
  • You are guilty until proved innocent.
  • You must accept and believe what you are told “on faith”.
  • Disbelief is unpatriotic and punishable by death.

And more.

We forget the importance of freedom. We overlook that each vote we cast against a monster, even if our side loses, negates a vote cast for him and thereby lessens his apparent following. We avoid the fact that not voting means we don’t care if the monsters win, and when they do, the fault is ours and we must own it. He or she, in many past cases, won because dispassionate voters did not go to the polls. We forget our common enemies are Corruption, Greed, Lies, Fanaticism, Bigotry, Misinformation, Thievery that hide in any political party, manipulate the creeds of any religion, and work against the common good. No one is safe from the greedy, the power-hungry, who will cloak themselves as sheep and tell you to “Never mind how I rape away Earth’s bounty and pollute it beyond repair, for Jesus is coming to take us away. I will give Hell’s fires a head start. Never mind how I amass treasures beyond counting and share none with poor sinners. God favors the man who can gather wealth, and sinners will have no use of it after Christ’s return.”

Did you think to ask such a liar what use he would have for it, to have gathered up so much while knowing he would leave it behind? Did you remind him about Jesus’ story about the rich man, the camel, and the eye of a needle? [Matthew 19:23-26; Mark 10:24-27;  Luke 18:24-27] Does he expect to buy his way into Heaven the same way he can buy favors from congressmen? Or, does he not truly believe, himself? Is that your wallet you felt slip from your pocket, that he now holds in his hand?

In religion’s parlance, the Devil won the last election because God was not truly represented in the passions of his followers. God’s representatives failed to stir those passions, they failed to light the needed fires, they failed to burn their butts and move them off their seats and send them scurrying to cast their votes and have their say about how this country gets run and by whom. Or, they stirred them to favor Satan.

Some gave excuses instead while the Devil laughed in their faces. “The elections were rigged.” (Maybe they were, but you have no real evidence trail.) “The elections were gerrymandered.” (Maybe they were, but you allowed it and, besides, half your voters don’t know what that means, and most seem not to know what that implies.) “Restrictions were imposed that made it impossible for qualified citizens to vote.” (Maybe they were, but, what did you do to help people overcome them? What are you doing now toward that same end? The Devil’s bunch is a passionate lot, driven with a furor meant not to be pacified with anything less than total occupation, crushing of foes, ownership, and transformation of the whole into a private oligarchy.) They have stolen God’s name, so he is no longer the god named God, but has become the god once named Satan!