It’s Not Obama’s Fault!

It’s Not Bush’s Fault! 

It’s the voters’ fault. The fault belongs to all those voters who voted, and those who refrained. Both candidates are what and who they are, both well known before their elevation into the presidency. Bush, who claimed his ‘C’ grades would set an example for students, ran as a supporter of education; Obama proclaimed change in Washington’s way of doing things as his cause. He may have covertly been the Tea Party’s first candidate.

`Along with Bush ran Cheney as his VP. Accustomed to running things, he soon made Bush his puppet, a well known fact whose results should have been predictable. Nobody cared enough to notice. The voters were getting over the notion that conservative Clinton had working glands about which most felt guilty, along with the fact that we all were having it too good during his terms and felt guilty over that. It looked obvious that, with Cheny and Bush at the helm, we had been offered a sure-fire cure for good times and functioning glands all in one package. They got elected, and the USA got what it voted for.

`We must be a nation of fickle turnarounds. Dissatisfied that we got what the nation wanted after electing the devilish duo for two full terms, “Change” became the new mantra for the electorate. New blood became the menu’s most popular order. We didn’t get change because we pitted Obama against a majority for whom change means increased welfare for billionaires; we might, however, get blood. That blood will be on us, the voters and would-be voters who elected a three-ring circus to run the country.

`We can’t help it, it seems. We seem to enjoy the thrill of titillation, even to the point where satisfying our thirst for it ends up offending ourselves. The USA was, after all, founded on notably hedonistic principles. We love buzz words for the way they set that impulse off to where even the most innocent can be buzzed into an offensive state. Bush was too laughable to satisfy for long, but Cheny made up for it by shooting his friends, and by shooting off his mouth. Clinton offended by telling a lie and then getting tattled on. Of course he lied. He got elected, didn’t he? It was that he got caught that made for offense.

`So, now, we have ham-strung Obama. Did Republicans really jump ship in the primaries to vote for him because they were afraid Hillary would become President if she won? Would the voters have hog-tied her into a state if ineffectiveness like has been done to Obama if she had won the presidency. We may never know.

`Pity poor Obama. Look what and who we pitted him against: Politicians backed by millionaires and billionaires financed by taxes drawn from the middle and bottom classes, supported by an electorate whose only sources of information are TV ads and radio ranters, choosing by emotional appeal rather than any solid kind of information. Feel that twinge in your gut?– You know that’s true but you don’t like it. Emotional appeal.

`Supposedly a secular nation overpopulated by religionists, our nation known as America wars against itself with each election. Other nations take notice. “Will the USA be coming to kill us, or to feed us?” Our population is the heirs of those whose extremism in their homelands prompted the need to run for their lives. All but the most liberal of us are far to the right of center. We will vote against our own best interests at the drop of a hammer. Dedicated individualists all, we get offended by those who offer help, and those who refuse what help we offer. Our lives are an admixture of enigmas, conundrums, riddles and problems. “Catch-22” would be the only book half of us understand, if we could only muster up enough courage to actually read it.

`Catch-22 might be fiction, but this is true: We, the voters, by our votes and absence of them, chose those people who represent us in government, and we chose the conditions into which we placed them. We did so by voting for every reason but the knowledge that they could work toward goals that best serve not the purveyors of influence, but serve the people who reside here and the future we all share. When we have wrong ideas, or no ideas about what those goals might be, it will be we who have chosen the wrong candidate, or the wrong political mix, and we who deserve the blame. When we listen to hucksters on the radio or TV and take their words as gospel without checking them for facts, with no real idea of how to do that and get true results, no one can be blamed but ourselves. Check my page at to learn about the scientific method. Learn to apply it to your choice of candidates.


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