Please help me. I have been struggling more than a month to port Word 2013 onto my new HP computer. Buying that has proved to be a massive mistake, as you all have been fighting me away from the minute I plugged it in, and made yourselves impossible for me to deal with. I have had s light stroke, Dr Blazer thinks. That is why I cannot type fast enough to answer all the questions you posed before your page timed out, and why I resorted to the shortened  version that you decided was not enough.

Today, I feel helpless as none of the new passwords allow me past your barriers. The paranoia that drives you to perform all sorts of horrors in the guise of offering protection must be contagious. In lieu of your advance of anything to salvage my former respect for Microsoft, I have downloaded a free copy of Open Office, which can read and write Word files in immaculate fashion, . Mistreatment of your customers should only serve to increase their revenues.

I hope I misread your intentions, and that you do experience empathy so that I will hear from you in a day or two. If not, I will post this on Facebook so you can read it sooner or later.

On 9/14/2015 5:25 PM, Microsoft account team wrote:

Microsoft account
Security info was replaced
Good news! The waiting period you started 30 days ago is over, and your old security info has been replaced with XXXXXXX. No further action is required.
If you’d like to review the security info for xxxxxxxxx, CLICK HERE.
The Microsoft account team

I have had little, if any, trouble dealing with any other vendors whose products populate this new system. Since my only interest was to enable my copy of Word, for which I paid full price and waited a month for the disc to arrive, I felt immense glee at being able to convince you enough that I am me to let me log on to my account. Imagine my chagrin when you refused with the excuse that my Word is associated with a different email. Really? Things I buy get associated with email? What happened to my name?

I took a wild guess and submitted the Juno link I had abandoned months ago, after which you attempted to repeat the very same routine again. You know?— the one where you ask a lot of questions, and the page times out because I can’t type fast enough to get them all answered—the one that earned me that thirty days of punishment for failing to live up to your expectations. I have survived a series of strokes. I have already been punished.

I have decided it is possible your vulnerable position makes you subject to paranoia, but your actions tell me to follow the money. I am not cave to purchase a second copy of Word, however giant your company. I wrote, about a month and a half ago, to the return address on the envelope in which the Word disc arrived. I have never heard back. That puts another false face on your caring attitude.

Maybe you’ll wonder why I chose to post this here. The answer is that you have blocked every normal channel of contact. You don’t respond to direct mail. You initiated this action against me with no apparent way to defend against it. While this may accomplish nothing for myself, I hope it will serve as a warning for others. Customers are not property just because you call us “yours”.

Written entirely with OPEN OFFICE.